czwartek, 11 listopada 2010

Kto chce sie poruszać?

Czesc Dziewczyny!
Osobiscie polecam zajecia z Carlosem :-)


Dear friends,

I would like to invite you Sunday 21st of November to an intense day of Yogilates and beyond. 

The idea behind the day is to open up new possibilities and ways of connecting with yourself and the world around you. We will be exploring in a deeper way many of the things that are lightly touch during the regular Yogilates classes. (It will be similar to the day we had in November with only a few variations and a bit shorter.)
The day will start at 10 AM and will continue until around 4 PM.
The subjects include:

· Body-mind-essence

· Unity-separation

· Meditation

· Presence

· Joy of Being

· Body care

· Mindful eating

· Letting go

· Emotions

· Beauty

· Silence

The cost of the event will be 150 lei and will include soup and salad for the lunch. The place has not been confirmed yet but it will probably be at Ota’s. 

The space is limited. To reserve your place please respond to this email by Wednesday November 17th.
Thank you very much,Carlos,

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sylvia pisze...

dziewczyny,wybiera sie moze ktoras na gimnastyke?bardzo chcialabym pocwiczyc,a nie mam z kim.kolezanki maja male dzieci i nie maja czasu.dajcie znac,jesliwybieracie sie gdzies na 'babskie wyjscie' albo cwiczenia.pozdrawiam,