środa, 3 czerwca 2009

Potrzebna pomoc

Dear friends,

We all are in a fortunate situation of having too many things. Maybe some of you have the same tendency I do to buy new stuff all the time and store everything. As there is a crisis and not everybody can keep moving to bigger flats, you might welcome my idea: Let's share and make space.
In the last weeks I went repeatedly to a relatively newly opened UNHCR refugees transition camp in Timisoara. There are about 200 people, waiting for their relocation. Is is a process of cca 6 months. When a ressetlement country is found for them, they leave Romania and new group come. All ages are represented, and the camp provides besides security of course accomodation and meals, but there seems to be no budget for much more. Right now, there are mainly Sudaneese and Palestinians, living in modest conditions, and all they have is time. After a conversation with the camp managers, I offered to organize a small collection of used things, so that they can spend their time in some sensible way.

So if you like to share and if you have at home some of the following things, put them aside:
- SHOES - any kind in sizes 38-45, mainly summer shoes and sandals
- BOOKS - in English, anything for children or adults, also Arabic would be good - All english books are welcome!
- CLOTHES Big sizes of clothes in a very good condition: mainly long sleeves, long skirts, scarfs
- GAMES - any kind of social games as cards, domino, chess etc....
- SPORTSEQUIPEMENT - anything!!! balls (basketball hub, weights... old training bike.... whatever, also clothes)
Also, they would like to set up a day centre for mothers with children and a KINDERGARTEN -
so those of you who have children can maybe spare some old toys, bikes, games.... just ANYTHING FOR KIDS

There is also a need for ELECTRONICS (computers, dvd players, mp3players etc.

If you have something of these and would like to donate it to the refugees camp, you can bring it in the Czech Centre (close to Universitate, in the street Ion Ghica 11). Me or my collegues will collect it and send it later all together to Timisoara.
You can come to the Czech Centre (same building as the embassy) any time of the day or any day of the week - if the Centre is closed, you can simply leave it with the guard just with your name, so I confirm you that we got it.


T: +4-021 3039230

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