czwartek, 29 października 2009


Dear ladies,

Just a quick note to let you know that 2 french ladies Corinne and Maud have set up a small second hand retail shop in Herastrau.
The benefits are sent to Valentina, an association who is supporting the education of kids coming from disavantaged families.
You can either contact Maud or Corinne to visit the shop or/and you can donate some of your clothes and choose between giving the benefits 100% to Valentina or getting 50% back.
If you want to donate clothes we could arrange to meet at your house if more convenient for you.

Please contact Maud or Corinne for more details or myself for the pick up.
Pipera/Baneasa : Corinne SIMON (0742176440) or
Herastrau : Maud FABRITIUS (0729324444) or
Thank you!

tel 07 48 81 49 59

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