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"The Bald Soprano " - teatr po angielsku, niedziela g.19.00

Living Theatre presents the project "theater evenings in English" - "English Sunday Evenings in the Living Room Theatre" : "The Bald Soprano " - directed by Valeria Sitaru.

Sunday January 19, 2014 , 19:00

Director: Valeria Sitaru, Cast : Alina Suarasan , Alexandru Nagy , Alina Rotaru, Stephen Paul, Andrei
and Mihaela Huţuleac Velicu.

In "The Bald Soprano ", one of the most representative plays (originally titled "English Time") of the current theater of the absurd , the director Valeria Sitaru captures it' essence - bourgeois snobbery. The show captures the existence of antinomies , the inconsistencies and lack of consistency of characters that embody the bourgeois class. The characters are presented with elegance and courtesy, but immediately they are combined with a lack of tact, with rudeness and vulgarity. The English language spoken in the style shakesperian correctly and emphatically is colliding with the words slipped into Romanian. An exceptional performance, in which the absurd theater is at its peak. On stage are two couples, the Smiths and the Martins , and it is highlighted the indifference often gather in the bosom of a couple , even though the two seem closely united existence . To express the truth of this idea , the two exhibit are also forgetting one another , and only hard and gradually manage to recognize. The dialogue captures the automatism of language, of human behavior ,"speaking not to say anything," the absence of inner life, mechanical
daily life.

The show "The Bald Soprano " is part of the English season Living Theatre , which envisages a steady development and addresses a diverse audience, both native speakers of English in Bucharest students of English language and all those who love the English language or culture. "English Sunday Evenings in the Living Room Theatre" is a project that aims Living Theatre, as Sundays are reserved bimonthly in English theatrical manifestations : from performances that are based on famous songs , performances reading hosting special guests from abroad famous theaters in the world . "In our cozy dining room will play theater in English - and beyond, and we promise refined artistic performances".

Living Theatre aims to restore the atmosphere of "five o'clock tea ", by greeting the viewers with hot tea flavored bergamone , earl gray and jasmine, homemade biscuits, but especially aims to provide access to the Romanian cultural space, to the native speakers of English. 

Admission: 40 lei per person (Treaty and show ticket included). Tickets can be purchased online at www.iabilet.ro , www.eventim.ro , in cash or cashier theater, up to 20 seats available.

Details on email or telefon: teatruldesufragerie@gmail.com 0723,565,113 www.teatruldesufragerie.ro.

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